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Reflexology and Yoga in Pregnancy

Elizabeth has links with Nina who teaches Yoga for pregnancy and Jane a qualified Complimentary Therapist

Nina teaches sessions and is usually in North Walsham.

Jane teaches pregnancy reflexology which can help you feel well and relaxed during your pregnancy. This relaxation helps your body to achieve a state of balance and maintain the feeling of well-being during your pregnancy. The deep relaxation which you will experience, is an ideal state for assisting your preparation for the birth of your baby which will be useful when you give birth.

It combines very well with hypnotherapy to help you to prepare for the birth of your baby.

Jane specialises in Maternity Reflexology which can be extremely helpful for keeping you feeling as well as possible during pregnancy, the improved sense of wellbeing helping you to deal with any uncomfortable symptoms, and preparing for the birth of your baby. Post-natally it is beneficial for helping you restore your energy after the birth, and helps your body return to its normal balance.
You can now enjoy the benefits of maternity reflexology in Norwich to maintain a feeling of wellbeing during your pregnancy and the deep relaxation is an ideal state for assisting your preparation for the birth of you baby, and at the same time enjoying the benefits of deep relaxation.

Reflexology is an art which dates back in some form to the Ancient Egyptians.
Modern reflexology is based upon the principle that the whole body is represented by reflexes in the feet and hands.
By using finger and thumb techniques the therapist is aiming to achieve a deep relaxation which can activate the body’s own self-healing system in order to achieve a state of balance.

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